Voodoo Bacon! The Healthy Bacon!

The World Health Organisation concluded in a new report that bacon can cause cancer. Exactly how is unknown but its theory is that it is from nitrates or nitrites that are commonly used in processed meats. Most processed meats contain nitrites or nitrates, which are salts from chemical or natural sources added to meat to preserve it. Both turn to nitrites in the body where they can form carcinogenic compounds called nitrosamines that can damage DNA. Even nitrate free products are treated with nitrate salt from celery juice. Natural nitrates are still nitrates and the body does not distinguish between them.

Nitrates are a preservative but they also give processed pork products their distinctive pink colour. Without added nitrates, processed pork such as bacon, ham and salami will turn brown with oxidation shortly after slicing. This is natural and does not affect the flavour of the product. We have just become used to these products being pink. These days with refrigeration and “use by” dates there is no reason to use nitrates in our processed pork. We need to get used to the natural colour of bacon.

This is why Voodoo Bacon is the clear choice for healthy bacon. Voodoo Bacon does not have any type of nitrate or nitrite, chemical or vegetable. Voodoo Bacon is sold as a slab so that it can be sliced, as you need it. This retains its colour by limiting the amount of surface area to oxidise. No one buys pre-sliced onions because they oxidise and taste bad so why buy pre-sliced bacon. By slicing it yourself you can also make it thicker or thinner depending on your preference.

Voodoo Bacon is made from pork belly from Ipswich, Queensland. It contains all Australian ingredients and all ingredients you have heard of and probably stock in your kitchen. There is nothing artificial or unhealthy used in Voodoo Bacon! Every slab of Voodoo Bacon is lovingly rubbed with salt, sugar and spices by world-renowned multi-award winning chef George Francisco. In keeping with his Southern U.S. roots he handcrafts, smokes and brands every piece of Voodoo Bacon himself. The magic in Voodoo Bacon is the love he puts into this delicious artisanal bacon.

The Story of Voodoo Bacon by George Francisco

I was born in Mississippi, deep in the U.S. South. The South is the home of bacon love. Most kitchens in the South will have a little can on the stove to collect the rendered bacon fat from cooking the bacon each morning. The fat will be used later in the day or week to cook almost everything. Fried chicken being a popular favourite of mine. I always thought that naked bacon fat wrestling sounded much more fun than mud wrestling, or naked bacon fat Twister, or naked bacon fat Slip n’ Slide.

At 15 years of age I decided to start my apprenticeship as a chef. I remember the first excursion my apprentice class went on. It was to a bacon producer. I marvelled at how a simple combination of sugar, salt, spices and smoke could turn an ordinary pork belly into an extraordinarily delicious slab of bacon. The smell of all of that bacon smoking still lingers as one of the best of my food memories. I made my own bacon from that day forward.

In 2001 I fell in love with the Australian food scene. I decided to leave my U.S. home and endeavour to become a part of the excitement I saw in the top restaurants in this country. I loved my new country and especially all of the new and interesting ingredients I found here. There was only one ingredient I missed. Southern style dry cured, smoked bacon. As I talked to Australians it seemed unanimous that the one thing North Americans had that Australians didn’t was this different and extremely delicious bacon.

That was how the concept of Voodoo Bacon was born. Deep in the heart of a man from the deep South. Some people say there must be some voodoo on this bacon! How can pork belly taste this good? It’s because Voodoo Bacon contains the magic of the South.